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Financial Health is a Necessity
Not a Luxury

Let’s create better narratives within our community!

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The $hmoney Impact Curriculum

Practical customized classes and community discussions with action-based learning objectives across various basic financial health topics. Our curriculum can be conducted in person, virtual or hybrid. All attendees will receive an interactive workbook to guide through the material.


What we love talking about so you don’t have to create or teach it yourself…


  • Budgeting and Money Management

  • Student loans

  • Credit cards and literacy

  • Debt payoff

  • Pre-tax investing

and so much more.


with $hmoney


60-90 minute sessions customized covering a financial topic.

$hmoney Skills for College Course

4 modules on practical and actionable financial skills to get to and through college

Adulting with $hmoney Course

Up to 6 weekly modules focused on achieving financial health in early adulthood

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​She makes the struggle out

of the struggle easy.

NiaChloe exited poverty in her early 20s after graduating from college with $20 K debt, looking for housing with no money saved. Today she empowers young, gifted and Black and Brown people to fully enjoy early adulthood by improving their financial health through powerful secret money tips, steps and techniques (aka $hmoney).

Since starting The $hmoney Coach she promotes financial health through partnerships and social media to provide action-based education and community learning, reaching over 100 young adults financially transition into early adulthood.

New Ways to Engage in Conversations

“Conversations cultivate culture and curate change” – NiaChloe


Raw and vulnerable in-person group discussions on financial health and its complexities

Sharing Gems on Social Media

Bringing financial awareness and tips to your social media audience

The Reviews Don’t Lie


The students expressed interest in a session on financial literacy, and a colleague of mine referred me to @theshmoneycoach. I had an initial meeting with NiaChloe about what my hope would be for the session but she really took my vision and exceeded expectations. She sent a questionnaire in advance to students to gauge their interests and tailored the workshop around that. She came to the presentation full of energy and made a somewhat daunting and hard topic fun and engaging. NiaChloe created a welcoming virtual environment, where students felt comfortable expressing their fears and concerns about their finances while also sharing laughs and financial empowerment. At the end of the session she provided materials for the students. The students had was positive feedback and expressed wanting more $hmoney sessions!

It’s time to build a generation of financially healthy leaders

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