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Change the narrative with $hmoney

Our commitment is centered on empowering young and gifted individuals improve their financial health in early adulthood for a better quality of life, now and in the future.

We intend to achieve this through shmoney, a term rooted in hip-hop culture meaning money made from illegal activities. It’s meant to give off a ‘’don’t be loud about it” kind of vibe.

At                         , we think about $hmoney differently (we added a $ because, yes).


Inspired by our culture, we see $hmoney as the financial tips, steps and techniques that have been hidden from underserved Black and Brown communities but were common knowledge in those historically financially thriving. The omission of financial education and accessibility from our everyday conversations, which should’ve been taught in schools and our upbringing, has led to the creation of certain narratives limiting our financial freedom as a community.


Let’s talk about facts

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Fact #1

There is an alarming trend of young adults carrying a heavier debt loads from student loans, buy now, pay later and credit cards, widening the racial wealth gap for future generations.

Fact #2

Black Gen Z is faced with the burden of high rent costs, which has led many to continue living at home for longer than expected.

Fact #3

There is a decline in the financial independence and stability in people approaching early adulthood, with many feeling they are missing out on life, struggling to enjoy stability, fun and peace like the previous generations experienced

With these facts in mind, our mission addresses these narratives with 5 key financial health basics.

Automate budgeting

for stress-free management

Save real cash

from Toxic Debt


Create plans

for 1st apartments

and guilt-free fun

Build a Wealth

Squad with

pre-tax benefits

Rack up quality

credit & credit

card rewards

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