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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Set, Stack and Secure with a Stress-Free System

3 no-brainer benefits to automating your budget

The Foundation

Back in college, I learned the simplicity of budgeting with direct deposits. Some of my work-study paycheck went into a separate saving account that secured me during college breaks to avoid credit card debt. The rest of my income went into a checking account to pay bills and cover personal expenses. My phone and credit card bills were on auto pay because who can remember these bill due dates when you have class deadlines?

What I didn’t realize is I was building the foundation for the $hmoney System.

Defining the system

What is the $hmoney System?

It's like an upgrade to the pen and paper style of budgeting. The $hmoney System is an easier way of budgeting that makes use of purposeful banking where your money is split into various accounts across savings, bills, spending, and investing. The best part is that technology automates the process for you.

Think of it this way: it's like having a personal finance assistant organize your money management towards better financial health and security. #lit

Shmoney system breakdown

Making it work

To get started you need at least 4 bank accounts that can receive direct deposits from your employer:

  • 2 checking accounts for bills and personal spending

  • 2 savings accounts for emergencies and short-term desires

Next, it is key to know your net monthly income, aka your "real shmoney," because it sets up the rest of your money allocation. If you don’t know how much money is flowing into your pockets each payday, it will be difficult to effectively reach your financial goals and manage your money.

Enjoying the benefits

When you systemize your money, it curates a peace of mind to live the life you envision with organization, timeliness and discipline to confidently reach your financial goals. #letsgetit

1. It keeps your money organized.

Imagine you went out with your friends one time and, without noticing, used a portion of your rent money. #Yikes

With this system, you don't have to manually divide your paycheck into different categories each month or worry about accidentally overspending. By automating your budget, you have a clear understanding of where your money is going each month and you can make informed decisions about how to allocate it. You will never have to worry about mixing your bills money with your personal spending money. Plus, the clarity with purposeful bank accounts makes managing and tracking your money and expenses less stressful.

The best part? No more mental math or manual transfer each paycheck because the direct deposits do the math for you. Every. Single. Time.

2. It keeps you on time with bills, not on CPT

I know our community like to do things on our own timing.

But automated tools like auto-pay and bill-pay will keep you on time with bill expenses and in good standing with your credit report. Even Yvonne Orji (Molly from Insecure) speaks about the confidence that automatic payments gives you with your money management.

“Lemme tell you right now. You got to be real confident in your finances to be like 'you want your check on the 12th, well f*ck it take it then.”

Real quick, let’s define automatic payments.

Autopay is when you set up an automatic payment with a company, such as your phone or Wi-Fi company, that gets deducted from your account on a recurring basis. Usually companies will offer discounts when using autopay, like reduced interest rates on student loans or bill payment discounts.

Unlike Autopay, Bill Pay is managed by your bank where you schedule a payment for your bank to send on your behalf. With Bill Pay, you have full control over when and how much you pay towards your bill payments.

With either functionality, you don't have to worry about remembering to pay your bill each month, as the payment will be automatically processed.

3. It helps you with discipline & control

Our generation is struggling to stay on budget1

Automating your budget system brings greater control and discipline to your money management. The technology automates the process of money allocation, making sure that you stick to your budget each month. You don't have to rely on your own willpower to stay on track. This level of control helps you stay disciplined to reach your goals, like building an emergency fund, saving for travel or moving out or getting out of debt. Also, knowing exactly how much you have available for personal expenses reduces overspending.

In other words, you will know if you have “McDonald’s,” or whatever else, money and make informed money decisions.

Final Thoughts

Automating your budget with the $hmoney System is a simple yet effective way to take control of your finances and achieve your financial goals. With purposeful bank accounts, direct deposits, and automated tools like autopay and bill pay, you can keep your money organized, stay on top of your bills, and develop the discipline and control needed to reach your financial dreams. The benefits of this system are clear: you can live a stress-free life, free from the worry of overspending, missed bills, and unfulfilled financial goals.

So why aren’t you using a $hmoney System for your financial health?

Build your Automated Budget System with 5 steps with the YGB$ Bundle!

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